What should be included in a research methods course, but is often left out?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had conversations with people about the content of research methods courses at universities. The main question seems to be what needs to be included to make it a good course? The answer may differ for an undergraduate course compared to a postgraduate one, though I think there are still some common features. I do agree that there may be differences between disciplines.

Topics that seem to be included in most research methods courses include: Continue reading

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Why use NVivo for your literature review?

Whenever I tell people that I have used NVivo for a literature review, they always want to know more! Writing a literature review is so much more than simply reading and writing. In fact, there is even a blog dedicated to dealing with literature reviews for academics and PhD students.  While there are tools such as Endnote and Zotero that help with citations, there are few tools to assist with the sorting, categorising and grouping of the literature, which are essential parts of the process of writing a literature review. This is where CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software) can help, and the one I’ve used, and found particularly useful, is NVivo.

The main benefits I have found so far: Continue reading

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